@Antioch College by arrangement 2017-2019

ARTS 395: Visual and Critical Studies Seminar

ARTS 494: Senior Seminar: Studio Practice & Critique

LIT 299: Professional & Technical Writing

GS 210: Global Seminar on Water

GS 210: Global Seminar Continuing Studies: Borderlands

@Antioch College as assistant professor of writing and digital literacy (2018 & forward)

ENG 351: Advanced Expository Writing: Long-form Creative Nonfiction

CLCN 145: Community Reporting Practicum

ENG 251: Expository Writing: Genre

ENG 101: English Composition Plus: Content and Form

ENG 105 English Composition: Content and Form

@Antioch College as an instructor of cooperative education (2013-2018)

WORK 150: Work Portfolio I— On Working 

WORK 331: Sound, Sight, Sentiment: Phenomenologies of Place

WORK 425: Humanities Fieldwork: Oral History & Digital Scholarship

WORK 475: Extended Field Experience