Brooke Blackmon Bryan stands before her quilted textile "Harm to Ongoing Matter/Redacted No 1" in the Exhibit "Antioch Works" at the Herndon Gallery in Yellow Springs, Ohio, 2019.
“Harm to Ongoing Matter/Redacted No 1” in exhibit Antioch Works 2019 at the Herndon Gallery

Hello & welcome. I resist “I am” statements and yet a few roles and responsibilities style my life and point towards what I am always becoming. I am mother, maker, writer, a friend for evenings outdoors spent wrangling ideas. A keeper of dogs and chickens; a mini homesteader learning to put by. I am a reader. I roam cities but rurality is my contemplative home. I study philosophy– particularly aesthetics, art theory, and contemporary continental philosophy–  and I am a lifelong student of the world classics.

I serve as Associate Professor of Writing & Digital Literacy and Dean for Innovation and the Applied Liberal Arts at Antioch College in Yellow Springs, Ohio. There I teach writing peppered with contemporary philosophy and technology studies, while thinking about the radical pedagogical interventions to come. Currently my research explores immanence, impermanence, and the incorporeal, through encounters with art objects that become somehow precious to us, and thereby need to be ‘saved’ through conservation or preservation. (What does it mean to save something?)

Before the pandemic, I took a leap of faith and joined the Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts, a program that engaged me in residencies with some of the world’s most thinking thinkers. I’ve worked with Howard Caygill, Franco (Bifo) Berardi, Santiago Zabala, Giovanni Tusa, Jean-Luc Nancy, Silvia Mazzini, Chris Yates, Simonetta Moro, and Dejan Lukić, roaming the streets and museums and artist studios of Rome, Florence, Venice, Berlin, Paris, Athens, and NYC. In addition to my undergraduate study in a revolutionary world classics program for nontraditional students, this program has filled my head with ideas and transformed how I view learning, while further grounding my work in participatory, applied, and public acts of thinking. I am completing my dissertation in Philosophy, Aesthetics, and Art Theory under the direction of Deleuze scholar Dr. Janae Sholtz.

This site is where I curate digital teaching resources for my classes and independent studies, and explore emergent ideas. Much of the content is in a state of overhaul in 2020. Reach out to bbryan <@> antiochcollege dot edu.